A Complete List From S.M. Stirling
Published by Penguin/Roc

The Change Series Emberverse I

A trilogy set in the world that the island of Nantucket left behind when it became an "Island in the Sea of Time". This world is hit by "The Change" causing electricity, high gas pressures, and fast combustion (including explosives and gunpowder) to stop working. This is very bad news for the majority of the population, but the books follow some of the survivors and show how different groups choose different ways to adapt to the changed world.

Pronouncing DoomReleased Dec 03, 2013Novella
Published by Penguin/Roc

The Sunrise Lands Series Emberverse II

A series set in the same world as the "Dies the Fire" trilogy, but about 25 years later. It's a generation after high-energy technology died in a catastrophe most of the human race didn't survive. The children born after the Change are now starting to take center stage—and Whoever or Whatever was behind the Change itself may be taking a hand in their rivalries. An expedition must travel to Nantucket across a strange and hostile continent to find some answers.

Published by Penguin/Roc

The Montival Series Emberverse III

Rudi, now hailed as Artos, the High King of Montival, returns with the Sword, forming a coalition against the Prophet. Important events that occurred in the years when Rudi and the questers were away on their search for the Sword are explained, and preparations for the final battles against the Prophet and Boise are described, providing a set-up for the concluding volumes.

Published by Penguin/Roc

The Sacrifice Book Emberverse IV

This can also be seen as the last book of the Montival (Emberverse III) series.

Published by Penguin/Ace

Rudi’s Children Emberverse V

A new "Emberverse" series. It's two generations after high-energy technology died in a catastrophe most of the human race didn't survive. The children born after the Change and their children are again battling against powers that are not sympathetic to humans and human concerns.

Published by Penguin/Roc and Tor

Island in the Sea of Time

In Island in the Sea of Time the island of Nantucket is transported by an unknown phenomenon (called "The Event" in the series) back in time into the Bronze Age circa 1250s BC (corresponding to the late Heroic Age of Greek mythology). The trilogy describes the conflict between the different factions of the island's population—some trying to dominate the world for their own benefit, others trying to better it, while most just want to survive, work hard, and claw their way back to something approaching their pre-Event way of life.

Blood WolfReleased Sep 15, 2005Short Story
Published by Penguin/Ace and Penguin/Roc


The Urban Fantasy series features "Shadowspawn", an ancient subspecies of Homo sapiens who formed the basis of legends about vampires and werewolves and have been secretly controlling the world for most of the 20th century.

Pain and SufferingReleased Oct 04, 2011Short Story
Published by Penguin/Roc


A Parallell Worlds/Alternate History novel, published in 2003 by ROC. The book is set in an alternate world where the Europeans never conquered the Americas, and there is a "gate" between our California and the alternate California.

ConquistadorReleased Feb 04, 2003Conquistador
Published by Penguin/Roc

Peshawar Lancers

An Alternate History novel, set in about 2025 AD in a world that was hit by some comet fragments in 1878, depopulating much of the Northern Hemisphere from Russia to North America. Published in 2002 by ROC.

Shikari in GalvestonReleased Jul 05, 2005Novella
Published by Titan Books and Tor

The Lords of Creation Duology

What if Mars and Venus really were inhabitable and inhabited, like in many SF stories from the early sixties and before? In this series Mars and Venus have been terraformed a long time ago and "seeded" with Earth life, including several different human species. On Earth everything is the same until the start of space exploration, but then the cold war turns into a real space race... "The Sky People" is set on Venus, "In the Courts of the Crimson Kings" on Mars.

The Sky PeopleReleased Nov 14, 2006
Swords of Zar-Tu-KanReleased Oct 08, 2013Short Story
Published by Baen


The Draka novels postulate a dystopian slave-holding militaristic (white) African empire founded by British Loyalists who escaped to South Africa after the American Revolution rather than to Canada (as in our history). They were later joined by French Royalist émigrés, Icelandic refugees, and demobbed veterans of the Napoleonic Wars, then by tens of thousands of defeated Confederates after the American Civil War.

Marching Through GeorgiaReleased May 01, 1988Marching Through Georgia
Under the YokeReleased Sep 01, 1989Under the Yoke
The Stone DogsReleased Jul 01, 1990The Stone Dogs
DrakonReleased Jan 01, 1996Drakon
The DominationReleased May 31, 1999CollectionThe Domination
Drakas!Released Nov 01, 2000AnthologyDrakas!
Published by Baen

Clan of the Claw

A series published by Baen, with each volume containing four new linked novellas from best-selling authors. The extinction asteroid didn't strike Earth, and the dinosaurs kept evolving—but so did the mammals, and now it’s cold-blooded, magic-using reptiles against the hot-blooded, hot-tempered descendants of cats.

A Little PowerReleased Aug 02, 2011NovellaExiled: Clan of the Claw
A Clan’s FoundationReleased Apr 07, 2015Novella
Published by Harper Collins

Terminator 2

Return to the blockbuster Terminator universe, with the untold adventures of Sarah and John Connor!

T2: InfiltratorReleased Apr 02, 2002
T2: Rising StormReleased May 27, 2003
T2: The Future WarReleased May 25, 2004
Published by and Night Shade Books and Penguin/Ace and Titan Books

Anthologies, and/or stories not part of listed series

S.M. Stirling's anthologies, and/or stories in other anthologies not part of his listed series.

Ice, Iron and GoldReleased Oct 01, 2007Collection
A Slip in TimeReleased Apr 30, 2014Short Story
The ChangeReleased Jun 02, 2015Anthology
Steel, Bamboo, and Rice PaperReleased Feb 27, 2021Short Story
On the Jerichow RoadReleased Sep 02, 2023Short Story
Published by Baen and Baen Ebooks

The General

S.M. Stirling and David Drake have written the "General" or "Raj Whitehall" series. The books have been reissued in hardcover and ebook formats by Baen Books.

The ForgeReleased Jan 28, 1991
The HammerReleased Feb 01, 1992
The AnvilReleased May 01, 1993
The SteelReleased Oct 01, 1993
The SwordReleased Feb 01, 1995
The ChosenReleased May 01, 1996
The ReformerReleased Apr 01, 1999
WarlordReleased Jan 28, 2003Collection
ConquerorReleased Feb 25, 2003Collection
Hope RebornReleased Mar 05, 2013Collection
Hope RearmedReleased Mar 04, 2014Collection
Hope RenewedReleased Jul 01, 2014Collection
Hope ReformedReleased Nov 04, 2014Collection
Published by Penguin/Ace

Tales from The Black Chamber

An Alternate History series, that takes place from 1916 in a world where Theodore Roosevelt became president of the U.S.A. in 1912, and features a covert-ops organization named "“The Black Chamber".

To The RescueReleased Dec 09, 2019Short Story
Daggers in DarknessReleased Mar 06, 2021
The Warlord of the SteppesComing Dec 31, 2024Coming Soon
    Published by Titan Books


    Published by Baen

    Make the Darkness Light

    A new time travel series, where a group of modern historians arrive in the Roman Empire in 165 A.D. just in time to help restore the Pax Romana in the Marcomannic Wars.