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  • Release Date: Feb 04, 2003
  • Pages: 608
  • ISBN: 978-0451459336

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A new alternate history of America from the author of The Peshawar Lancers, the bestselling novel the Chicago Sun-Times called “a pleasure to read” and Harry Turtledove hailed as “first-rate adventure all the way.”

1945: An ex-marine has discovered a portal that permits him to travel between the America he knows-and a virgin America untouched by European influence. 21st century: The two realities collide…


To Jerry Pournelle, for advice and assistance; Giovanni Spinella, for help with Sicilian dialect; Greg Saunders, for local knowledge of LA; to the Critical Mass, for continuing massively helpful criticism.

(add rest)

All faults, errors, infelicities and lapses are my own.

And a special acknowledgement to the author of Niven’s Law:

“There is a technical, literary term for those who mistake the opinions and beliefs of characters in a novel for those of the author.

The term is “idiot”.

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