Novels and Series

The Change Series (Emberverse I)

  1. Dies the Fire (Penguin/Roc, 0-451-45979-2, Aug 2004)
  2. The Protector’s War (Penguin/Roc, 0-451-46046-4, Sept 2005)
  3. A Meeting at Corvallis (Penguin/Roc, 0-451-46111-8, Sept 2006)

The Sunrise Lands Series (Emberverse II)

  1. The Sunrise Lands (Penguin/Roc, 978-0-451-46225-1, Sep 2007)
  2. The Scourge of God (Penguin/Roc, 978-0-451-46228-2, Sept 2008)
  3. The Sword of the Lady (Penguin/Roc, 978-0-451-46290-9, Aug 2009)
  4. “A Murder in Eddsford” novella, in Sideways in Crime (Solaris 978-1-84416-566-7, Jun 2008)
  5. “Something for Yew” novella, in Ice, Iron and Gold (Night Shade Books, 978-1-59780-115-7, Oct 2007)
  6. “Ancient Ways” novella, in Warriors (Tor Books, 978-0-7653-2048-3, Mar 2010)

The Montival Series (Emberverse III)

  1. The High King of Montival (Penguin/Roc, 978-0-451-46352-4, Sep 2010)
  2. The Tears of the Sun (Penguin/Roc, 978-0451-46415-6, Sept 2011)
  3. The Lord of Mountains (Penguin/Roc, 978-0-451-46476-7, Sep 2012)

The Sacrifice Book (Emberverse IV)

  1. The Given Sacrifice (Penguin/Roc, Future Release)

Rudi’s Children (Emberverse V)

  1. The Golden Princess (Penguin/Roc, Future Release)
  2. Prince John (Penguin/Roc, Future Release)
  3. The Sea Peoples (Penguin/Roc, Future Release)

Island in the Sea of Time

  1. Island in the Sea of Time (Penguin/Roc, 0-451-45675-0, Mar ’98)
  2. Against the Tide of Years (Penguin/Roc, 0-451-45743-9, May ’99)
  3. On the Oceans of Eternity (Penguin/Roc, 0-451-45780-3, May 2000)
  4. “Blood Wolf” in The First Heroes: New Tales of the Bronze Age, ed. Harry Turtledove and Noreen Doyle, (Tor, 0-765-30286-1, May 2004.) Short Story set about 15 years after On the Oceans of Eternity


  1. A Taint in the Blood (Penguin/Roc, 978-0-451-46341-8, May 2010)
  2. The Council of Shadows (Penguin/Roc, 045-1-463-935, May 2011)
  3. A Shadow of Falling Night (Penguin/Roc, Future Release)
  4. Pain and Suffering” in Down These Strange Streets ed. George RR Martin and Gardner Dozois (Ace, 978-0441-02074-4, October 2011)


  1. Conquistador (Penguin/Roc, 0-451-45908-3, Feb 2003)

Peshwar Lancers

  1. The Peshawar Lancers (Penguin/Roc, 0-451-45848-6, Jan 2002)
  2. Shikari in Galveston”, novella, in Worlds that Weren’t (Penguin/Roc 0-451-45886-9, Aug 2002)

The Lords of Creation Duology

  1. The Sky People (Tor, 978-0-765-31488-8, Nov 2006)
  2. In the Courts of the Crimson Kings (Tor, 978-0-765-31489-5, Mar 2008)

The Draka Series

  1. Marching Through Georgia (Baen, 0-671-65407-1, May ’88)
  2. Under the Yoke (Baen, 0-671-69843-5, Oct ’89)
  3. The Stone Dogs (Baen, 0-671-72009-0, Aug ’90)
  4. Drakon (Baen, 0-671-87711-9, Feb ’96)
  5. The Domination (Baen, 0-671-57794-8, May ’99) Omnibus edition of Marching Through Georgia, Under the Yoke, and The Stone Dogs. Lacks appendices and some chapter headings from the novels, but contains some new filler material from the perspective of Carmaggio.
  6. Drakas! (Baen, 0-671-31946-9, Nov 2000) Short Story collection. Various authors, including Turtledove, Barnes, Lindskold, Baur, Talbott. S.M. Stirling editor, no new Stirling fiction work within.


Exiled: Clan of the Claw

  1.  A Little Power” novella, in Exiled: Clan of the Claw Volume One (Baen, 978-1-4391-3441-2, August 2011)

Terminator 2

  1. T2: Infiltrator (HarperEntertainment, 0-380-97791-5, May 2001)
  2. T2: Rising Storm (HarperEntertainment, 0-380-97792-3, July 2002)
  3. T2: The Future War (HarperEntertainment, 0-380-97793-1, July 2003)

Ice, Iron and Gold

  1. Ice, Iron and Gold (Night Shade Books, 978-1-59780-115-7, Oct 2007)


The General Series

  1. The Forge (with David A. Drake) (Baen 0-671-72037-6, Feb ’91)
  2. The Hammer (with Drake) (Baen, 0-671-72105-4, Feb ’92)
  3. The Anvil (with Drake) (Baen, 0-671-72171-2, June ’93)
  4. The Steel (with Drake) (Baen, 0-671-72189-5, Oct ’93)
  5. The Sword (with Drake) (Baen, 0-671-87647-3, Mar ’95)
  6. The Chosen (with Drake) (Baen, 0-671-87724-0, June ’96)
  7. The Reformer (with Drake) (Baen, 0-671-57804-9, April ’99)
  8. The Warlord (with Drake) (Baen, 0-743-43587-7, Feb 2003) Hardbound reprint of The Forge and The Hammer. No revisions or modifications
  9. The Conqueror (with Drake) (Baen, 0-743-43594-X, March 2003) Hardbound reprint of The Anvil, The Steel, and The Sword. No revisions or modifications.


  1. Jimmy the Hand with Raymond Feist, with Raymond Feist, (HarperCollins/Voyager, UK, 0-00-224722-4, July 2008). Third book in the “Legends of the Riftwar Series”

Ship Who Sang Shared Universe

  1. The City Who Fought with Anne McCaffrey (Baen, 0-671-72166-6, April ’93)
  2. The Ship Avenged (Baen, 0-671-87766-6, Feb ’97)
  3. The City and the Ship (Baen, 0-7434-7189-X, March 2004) Omnibus edition of the above two novels. A Baen MEGA HC. New or bonus material unknown.

Codominium/War World/Empire of Man Universe

  1. “Necessity” in War World Volume I, ed. Jerry Pournelle (Baen, 0-671-65420-9, July ’88)
  2. Go Tell the Spartans with Pournelle (Baen, 0-671-72061-9, June ’91)
  3. “Shame and Honor” in War World Volume III, ed. Jerry Pournelle (Baen, 0-671-72072-4, Aug ’91)
  4. Prince of Sparta with Pournelle (Baen, 0-671-72158-5, Mar ’93)
  5. War World: Blood Feuds with Pournelle, Judith Tarr, Harry Turtledove, Susan Shwartz. (Baen, 0-671-72150-X, Jan ’93)
  6. War World: Blood Vengeance with Pournelle, Tarr, Turtledove, Shwartz (Baen, 0-671-72201-8, Jan ’94)
  7. “Kings Who Die” in War World Volume IV, ed. Jerry Pournelle (Baen, 0-671-87616-3, Aug ’94)
  8. The Prince with Pournelle (Baen, 0-743-43556-7, Sept 2002) Reissue of Go Tell the Spartans and Prince of Sparta along with other Falkenberg’s Legion works by Pournelle in hardbound copy. No new material.

The Fifth Millennium Series

  1. Snowbrother (NAL/Signet, 0-451-13490-7, Mar ’85)
  2. The Sharpest Edge (with Shirley Meier) (NAL/Signet, 0-451-14171-7, Mar ’86)
  3. The Cage (with Meier) (Baen, 0-671-69836-2, Aug ’89)
  4. Shadow’s Son (with Meier and Karen Wehrstein) (Baen, 0-671-72091-0, Dec ’91)
  5. Snowbrother (Baen, 0-671-72119-4, May ’92) Reprint and expanded version of the 1985 novel of the same name.
  6. Saber and Shadow (with Meier) (Baen, 0-671-72143-7, Nov ’92) Reprint and expanded version of The Sharpest Edge
  7. “The Waters of Knowing” in The Anthology of Fantasy and the Supernatural, ed. Stephen Jones & David Sutton (Tiger, 1994) Short story about Shkair’a set shortly before the events of The Sharpest Edge/Saber and Shadow

Flight Engineer Series

  1. The Rising with James Doohan (Baen/Starline, 0-671-87758-5, Nov ’96)
  2. The Privateer with Doohan (Baen, 0-671-57832-4, Sept ’99)
  3. The Independent Command with Doohan (Baen, 0-671-31951-5, Nov 2000)

Man-Kzin War Series

  1. The Children’s Hour novella with Pournelle in Man-Kzin Wars II, ed. Larry Niven (Baen, 0-671-69833-8, Aug ’89)
  2. The Asteroid Queen novella with Pournelle in Man-Kzin Wars III, ed. Larry Niven (Baen, 0-671-72008-2, Aug ’90)
  3. The Man Who Would be Kzin novella with Greg Bear in Man-Kzin Wars IV, ed. Larry Niven (Baen, 0-671-72079-1, Sept ’91) and in Cats in Space, ed. Bill Fawcett (Baen, 0-671-72118-6, May ’92) and in Man-Kzin Wars: The Best of All Possible Wars, ed. Larry Niven (Baen, 0-671-87879-4, June ’98
  4. The Children’s Hour novel with Pournelle (combines stories from Man-Kzin Wars II and III) (Baen, 0-671-72089-9, Nov ’91), excerpt in Amazing October 1991
  5. In the Hall of the Mountain King novella with Pournelle in Man-Kzin Wars V, ed. Larry Niven (Baen, 0-671-72137-2, Oct ’92 and in Man-Kzin Wars: The Best of All Possible Wars, ed. Larry Niven (Baen, 0-671-87879-4, June ’98
  6. The Houses of the Kzinti with Jerry Pournelle and Dean Ing (Baen, 0-7434-7189-X, March 2004) Trade paper reprint of The Children’s Hour and Dean Ing’s Cathouse.

The Rose Sea

  1. The Rose Sea with Holly Lisle (Baen, 0-671-87620-1, Sept ’94

Media Tie-Ins

  1. “The Lament” in Magic: The Gathering: Tapestries, ed. Kathy Ice (HarperPrism, 0-06-105308-2, July 95)
  2. Bablyon 5: Book 6: Betrayals (Dell, 0-440-22234-6, June ’96)

Short Stories and Novellas

  1. “Roachstompers” in New Destinies Vol VIII, ed Jim Baen (Baen 0-671-69839-7, Sept ’89) and in Power ed. S.M. Stirling (Baen, 0-671-72092-9, >Nov ’91)
  2. “Cops and Robbers” in Far Frontiers Vol IV, ed. Jim Baen and Jerry Pournelle (Baen, 0-671-65548-5, Jan ’86)
  3. “Comrades” in Battlestation Book One ed. David Drake and Bill Fawcett (Ace, 0-441-04878-1, Jul ’92)
  4. “Lost Legion” in Bolos: Honor of the Regiment ed. Bill Fawcett Baen, 0-671-72184-4, Sept ’93)
  5. “Constant Never” in Dragon’s Eye ed. Christopher Stasheff (Baen, 0-671-87609-0, July ’94)
  6. “Ancestral Voices” in Bolos 2: The Unconquerable, ed. Bill Fawcett (Baen, 0-671-87629-5, Nov ’94)
  7. “The Thief of Eyes” in The Day the Magic Stopped ed. Christopher Stasheff and Bill Fawcett (Baen, 0-671-87690-2, Oct 95) and Adventures of Swords and Sorcery #6 ’99
  8. “The Mage, the Maiden, and the Hag,” with Jan Stirling in Lammas Night ed. Josepha Sherman (Baen, 0-671-87713-5, Feb ’96)
  9. “The Sixth Sun” in Bolos 4: Last Stand, ed. Bill Fawcett (Baen, 0-671-87760-7, Mar ’97)
  10. “The Release” with Jan Stirling in Urban Nightmares, ed. Josepha Sherman and Keith R.A. DeCandido (Baen, 0-671-87851-4, Nov ’97)
  11. A Whiff of Grapeshot novella in More than Honor with David Drake and David Weber (Baen, 0-671-87857-3, Jan ’98)
  12. “Armor Propre” with Jan Stirling in Did You Say Chicks?!, ed. Esther Friesner (Baen, 0-671-87867-0, Feb ’98)
  13. “Riding Shotgun to Armageddon” in Armageddon, ed. David Drake and Billie Sue Mosiman (Baen, 0-671-87876-X, May ’98)
  14. “The Charge of Lee’s Brigade” in Alternate Generals, ed. Harry Turtledove, Roland Green, and Martin Greenberg (Baen, 0-671-87886-7, Aug ’98)
  15. “Flyboy” in First to Fight, ed. Martin H. Greenberg (Jove, 0-515-12528-8, June ’99)
  16. “Taking Freedom” in Flights of Fantasy ed. Mercedes Lackey (DAW, 0-88677-863-8, Dec ’99)
  17. Three Walls-32nd Campaign, novella in Foreign Legions, ed. David Drake (Baen, 0-671-31990-6, June 2001)
  18. “Compadres” with Richard Foss in Alternate Generals II, ed. Harry Turtledove and Martin H. Greenberg (Baen, 0-7434-3528-1, July 2002)
  19. “Field Trip” with Janet Stirling in Space, Inc., ed. Julie E. Czerneda and Martin H. Greenberg (DAW, 0-7564-0147-X, July 2003)
  20. “The Crystal Method” in Live Without a Net, ed. Lou Anders (Penguin/Roc, 0-451-45925-3, July 2003)
  21. “The Apotheosis of Martin Padway” in The Enchanter Completed, ed. Harry Turtledove (Baen, 0-7434-9904-2, May 2005)
  22. The Magestone” with Janet Stirling in Young Warriors: Stories of Strength, ed. Tamora Pierce, Josepha Sherman (Random House, 0-375-82962-8, Oct 2005)
  23. “Separation Anxiety” in Better Off Undead, ed. Daniel M. Hoyt and Martin H. Greenberg (DAW, 0-7564-0512-2, Nov 2008)


  1. “The Woman Warrior,” in New Destinies Vol. IV ed. Jim Baen (Baen, 0-671-65408-X, May ’88)
  2. The Fantastic Civil War with Frank D. McSherry, Jr., Introduction/Editor. (Baen, 0-671-69881-8, June ’90)
  3. “Fusion” in New Destinies Vol. IX, ed. Jim Baen (Baen, 0-671-2016-3, Sept 90). Also in Power e.d S.M. Stirling (Baen, 0-671-72092-9, >Nov ’91) as “Fusion Energy and Civilization.”
  4. The Fantastic World War II with Frank D. McSherry, Jr., Introduction/Editor (Baen, 0-671-72063-5, June ’91)
  5. Power ed S.M. Stirling (Baen, 0-671-72092-9, >Nov ’91)
  6. Eons of the Night by Robert Howard. Introduction. (Baen, 0-671-87717-8, April ’96)
  7. Trails in Darkness by Robert Howard. Introduction. (Baen, 0-671-87726-7, June ’96)
  8. “L Sprague De Camp: An Appreciation” in Locus v45:6 No 479 December 2000
  9. “Why Then, There” essay, in Worlds that Weren’t (Penguin/Roc 0-451-45886-9, Aug 2002)
  10. A Journey in Other Worlds: A Romance of the Future by John Jacob Astor. Introduction. (University of Nebraska Press, 0-803-25949-2, Nov 2003)
  11. Under the Penitence by Mary Gentle. Introduction. (PS Publishing, 1-904619-11-8, Dec 2004)
  12. The Wolf of the Steppes: The Complete Cossack Adventures, Volume 1 by Harold Lamb. Introduction. (University of Nebraska Press, 0-803-28048-3, July 2006)
  13. Swords from the Sea by Harold Lamb. Introduction. (Bison Books, 978-0803220362, May 2010)